Why no HTML element in Meteor?

I’m just getting started with Meteor and I’ve read Meteor identifies three top level tags: head, body and template. Why doesn’t it identify the HTML tag. Are we not using any HTML tag in Meteor?

Meteor app is a SPA. All it needs is a head,a body and many templates which will be inserted into body. Meteor will create the html tag when rendering the page.

What if we write the HTML tag? Will there be some issues? And how does Meteor create HTML tag? Should I get into internals of Meteor to understand how it really works?

I think there is no need to understand how Meteor creates the HTML tag.
I don’t know what will happen if you write HTML tag. Maybe Meteor will ignore it.
If you really want to know the way Meteor create the HTML tag, you could read the source code.

Meteor.startup(() => {
   $('html').attr('dir', 'rtl');

for example

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