Why oh why, dear Meteor?

My beloved Meteor…

maybe everything is clear…? i also find myself answering more stuff here on the forum then on stackoverflow.


I believe that the forum was announced around the time that chart began to dip. On that subject, I think the user count of the forum doubled over the past year - there are now over 10k members here.


:smile: I would say that Meteor’s guide came into life at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016. Awesome work from MDG. Monumental :thumbsup:


I’m not using StackOverflow for Meteor-related questions. The community here is way better :slight_smile:


there’s a topic about popularity of meteor. I do hate that they left meteor for apollo.

This seems like a good thing. There is a plethora of documentation about Meteor now, and I never even think to open a Stack Overflow topic about an issue I’m having.

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who left meteor for apollo?

Hey since I don’t think this thread is going to reach any helpful conclusions, I’m going to close it. If you have some actionable ideas about how Meteor could be improved or made more popular, please post about that and let’s discuss! Lots of great stuff happening about the 1.5 release so it’s a great opportunity to bring Meteor to a new set of developers.