Why onRendered does not allow table iteration

I have this code

   Template.drone.onRendered(function () {
       var userid = Meteor.userId();
       $('.table > tbody > tr').each(function() {
       var friendid = $(this).find("td:first").html();
       var userid = Meteor.userId();
       alert('this rendered inside each');

and this is the template

Template name="drone">
               <table class="table">
         {{#each allusers }}
                <td class="buttonId">{{_id}}</td>
                <td class="buttonAction">hi</td>

The code above iterates a table and does something useful with the data from the table row,i.e id in each td.

I am wondering why this code alert('this rendered inside each'); never fires.

{{allusers}} in your template may change over time. E.g. if you do not wait for subscriptions, it will be empty on first run.

This is what (possibly) happens here. Your renderd-callback is fired, once the drone-template is rendered. But at this time, the helper {{allusers}} will be empty. onRendered will only fire once for one drone-template-instance.

I do not know what you want to achive, but you should never iterate over the dom with jquery this way in blaze/meteor. After all, you know how the dom is rendered, so there is no reason to use it to get some data (like friendid)

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Thanks,for the explanation. I have my reasons for iterating the table.