Why Planet Earth category is muted

There is a category on the forum - Planet Earth with interesting topics. For a long time it worked same as the other categories. But, some time ago it became muted - new topics or messages are not shown at all.

Why is that? Is it because there are topics about another technologies / frameworks. What is the reason for hiding it?


I was the person who created the category and muted it later. When I created the category, I intended it to be used for something that other forums used to call “flood” or “offtopic”. I hoped for fun discussions and I think we got some really interesting ones. The category was never intended to be used to have a serious 200+ posts debate about the merits of other technologies (although I do agree, it would be the right section for it).

Traditionally, the “offtopic” categories of forums are not included into the spotlight of other discussions.

Hope this answers your question.