Why so many people wants to clone?

I have seen so many projects when people trying to clone

  • slack
  • etsy
  • instagram
  • you name it.
    And then of course it is just a clone, was not even meant to be useful, just an exercise.

Why? Not enough imagination to try something new?


Since that works good as an exercise, you can focus on building. That’s the opposite when developing a new concept. That’s not about building software but building a new concept. Different jobs.


I’ve never built a video platform before. If I was curious I would probably try to clone twitch as an exercise.

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It’s not just internet apps.

Look on any game engine forum and they are chock full with ‘work in progress’ games which are shameless clones of existing titles.

Angry Birds was in fact a shameless clone.

Back in the day they didn’t call them clones. They called them a ‘genre.’

As for why, well it’s human nature to search for the easiest path with the least effort involved.

well, to me, building is a building. It doesnt matter if you build something new or clone. But when it is new, at least you can have fun with the new concept too, while the clone is just another exercise.
And I am not talking about genres, I am talking about clones, when there is simply no difference (except no point of future usage of the clone).

I played piano when I was a kid, so playing gammas is a good exercise, and hated them too, dull, uninspiring, just building a technique. However with coding you would not spoil your technique because of too difficult code

Of course, I am not saying I am right, I am simply intrigued.