Why trying to go faster can actually hold you back

I have written on Medium abut my view on how most of the software industry has a blindspot for the most important aspect of software delivery.

In summary, I believe that our industry has become obsessed with optimizing for flow - that is, trying to go faster - but experiencing diminishing returns because of under-investment in quality.

This is a specific problem, because if you only optimize for flow, poor quality will hold you back. But if you optimize for quality, you will get faster flow for free.

Head over to my article on Medium, and please let me know what you think, either here or on the Medium article itself.



Well written, its a must read

Already a believer so I skimmed over it. Just started applying unit tests to my latest react project after spending a week fixing refactoring bugs and not knowing what else I’d broken. I’ve spent a week so far researching what testing framework to use and I think I’ll be spending at least another week writing tests to cover my existing codebase (~10 components, 6 reducers, 3 helper modules) but I’m already reaping the benefits of explicitly defining my components’ inputs and making them much leaner than they were without unit tests.

Thanks for the link to your automated testing best practices, comes at a great time for me.

Thank you @lucidprogrammer and @mordrax

Definitely some good points about why focusing on quality is important. It’s worth a read. :wink: