Wierd Match.OneOf issue [Solved]

Odd issue with match.oneOf, its throwing an error for no reason on ‘stripeQuantity’ and ‘stripeBalance’?

Code fragment:

export function getEGSoption(entityId, option) {
  if (checkEntity(entityId)) {
    console.log(`entityId: ${entityId}; option: ${option}`);
    try {
      check(option, Match.OneOf(
        'hasRepo', 'repoCode',
        'hasFin', 'finGuid',
        'hasLog', 'logGuid',
        'stripeCustomerId', 'stripeSubscriptionId',
        'stripeSubscriptionItemId', 'stripeSubscriptionStatus',
        'stripeQuantity, stripeBalance',
    } catch (e) {

    return getEntity(entityId).entityGeneralSettings[option];


Anyone have any ideas?

// Will return true if `value` is a string or an array of numbers.
Match.test(value, Match.OneOf(String, [Number]));

OneOf is for pattern not values.

Use Match.Where:

const NonEmptyString = Match.Where((x) => {
  check(x, String); 
  return x.length > 0; // here instead make sure it belongs in that array of strings

check(arg, NonEmptyString);

Am muppet, was missing a single ’ . Still, good to learn about the Match.OneOf - many thanks.