Will a Meteor Helper that reads a value from an element automatically be re-executed when that element's value changes?

I have a need to first populate a set of select elements with values, like so:

<select class="jobLoc" id="date1Shift1JobLoc1" name="date1Shift1JobLoc1">
    {{#each jobLocations}}
        <option value={{jl_jobloc}}>{{jl_jobloc}}</option>

…but then update those (replacing the initial superset of joblocs with a subset) when another, related select element changes.

The helper returns a set of Documents based on the value of the related select element, something like this (pseudocode):

    jobLocations: function() {
      var worker = $('#worker').val;
      if (worker == '') {
          return JobLocations.find(); // return all
      } else {
          return JobLocations.find({ jl_workerid: worker }); // a worker was selected; use it to return a subset

When the template is first rendered, the “date1Shift1JobLoc1Count” select element is populated with all joblocs; if a worker is selected, though, the options in “date1Shift1JobLoc1Count” should be cleared out and then replaced with the appropriate subset.

The question is, will this work automatically, due to the fact that Meteor sees that the helper relies on the value of the “#worker” select element? I hope so…but expect that I’m hoping for too much. If my doubts are well-founded, how can I get the helper to re-run, and the template to re-render? Do I need I do it from a template event handler, something like this:

    "change #worker": function (event) {
        // Is it possible to call the jobLocations helper from here?

? Or will I have to do it “manually” from there, something like (pseudocode):

    "change #worker": function (event) {
        var worker = $('#worker').val;
        var arrayOfDocs = Meteor.call('getJobLocsForWorker(worker))');
        // assign the values in arrayOfDocs to the "date1Shift1JobLoc1" select element

Or is there another way?

  1. it will not
  2. you can use reactive variable there, set it when value change and in that worker .get() it, it will rerun every time reactive variable change.

And still why result of some operation is just changed element in DOM, why not keep the state in blaze ?

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Thanks, shock.

I don’t know what you mean by “why not keep the state in blaze?

Have you got an example that shows how to do what you’re suggesting?

well, what is changing that value in #worker ?

The user selecting an item from the select element.

Or, I could say, nothing, as this is all theoretical at the moment.

Yes. Than you just listen for change event.

And as reaction you update some reactive variable, or Session.

What will trigger rerun of helper which uses that Session variable.