Will Apollo use DDP?

I’m pretty excited about the promise of Apollo, the new GraphQL based data layer.

Not having used GraphQL, I’m wondering how client-server communication will be handled with Apollo? Will communication between client and server continue to be websocket-based ddp messages calling GraphQL methods and carrying GraphQL stuff, or does the new data layer involve creating something new altogether?


It’s still early days, but this is talked about a little more thoroughly in the repo - start at this comment and work your way down.

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Thanks. That’s a great discussion, and was exactly what I was looking for.

Hi Peter,

You asked this question a long time ago, but I still would like to give an update on this. The cool thing about Apollo is that the network interface is decoupled from the rest of the Apollo client. By default it uses an HTTP interface, but it’s quite easy to setup an interface using DDP.

We’ve done just that and now have GraphQL over DDP, using websockets and the default Meteor authorisation. Check it out!