Will Astronomy be updated for Meteor 3?

Hi, I wanted to know if there’s a list of the packages that are intended to be updated/maintained for Meteor 3?

I’m a little worried since I’m using an ODM for Meteor called Astronomy , and this package uses a wrapper for MongoDB methods, so, I’d like to know if there are plans to update this package to make it compatible with Meteor 3?

It seems that package hasn’t had updates in the last few years by the original owner, so, I would like to know if Meteor Software or anyone have plans to update that package instead?


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Hi there,

I noticed the API looks similar to Mongoose. At the time it was produced it might have been inspired by Mongoose since Meteor was not going to adopt it.
If there is enough syntax overlap, it might be easier to adopt Mongoose which uses Models which are similar to Classes in Astronomy.
A Mongoose Meteor package has been recently published in case you wanna go that way. I created that primarily for relational queries (to use instead of Grapher) but the package has all Mongoose options on the server side.


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I have seriously considered Astronomy when starting with Meteor, but went with collection2 as socialize packages were using it. I would love to slowly unite these two or if there is migration path to something more adopted that would be great.

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It’s nice to hear that there’s another option of ODM for Meteor. I will consider migrating to Mongoose if there’s no longer support for Astronomy. One thing that I liked about Mongoose is that it already supports Transactions and Relationships, so, that’s something that I don’t have with Astronomy since I had to do that with the native API of MongoDB. Thanks for sharing!

I’ll leave here your repo about Meteor 3 and Mongoose. GitHub - activitree/mongoosed-demo: Mongoosed Demo

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Yes, I share the idea. It would be nice to unite everything in a single package.

As much as unification has its benefit there will always be cases where the unified approach is not what you want for your application, though in our case I think unification would be of a benefit at this stage.

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