Will blaze2 be backward compatible with Blaze1?


Hi i am working on meteor project and 80% of the project is already completed. what should i do now since MDG announced blaze2 will not support older project should i stop the project right now and begin with react? or complete the project and rewrite the whole app in blaze2?


I think there are a lot of people in the same situation as you. I know I am. While I don’t have answers for you, it would be really nice to hear some feedback from the devs about this. I think this thread makes it clear that there are a lot of people slightly peeved about the possibility of breaking backwards compatibility. I really hope blaze1 will either continue to be supported in some form, or at least the transition from blaze1 to blaze2 is relatively easy and painless.

I think a lot of people are unsure about continuing on current projects. Which is a real shame. I have spent the last few months developing a project, and feel like I’ve had the wind punched out of me with the latest news about blazes uncertain future. Personally I love blaze as is. It’s relationship with the reactive side of meteor is a huge reason why I am still developing with it.

There has been enough feedback from the community for MDG to give everyone a more concrete proposal. Personally, I would like to see development go into areas of meteor development. There are plenty of things that still need done. I’m just not sure if blaze (in it’s current form) is holding back development of any of these cards.