Will kadira be shutting down?

That’s just it, I don’t think there are any other than Kadira.

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Guess I am lucky, I am on the old ‘start up plan’ for $10 a month.

I wouldn’t pay $50 a month either, but I am more than happy to spend $10.
If this weren’t an option I wouldn’t be a paying customer.

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Does Kadira have some sort of support forum?

I’ve reviewed the kadira source code from github, the raven client from
sentry reports data in a very similar way to how the kadira internal agent
reports tracking/performance and error data to it’s cloud/home server.
I’m currently working on moving some of the Kadira logic that tracks what
you are mentioning to a similar reporting function in Sentry. Especially
around some of the publication/method latency etc. I’ll let you know if we
get a basic pattern going. Sentry can at least store a bulk of that data,
and if it doesn’t have a good interface to visually navigate it, Sentry
does have a full api that could allow you to connect to charts/similar
kadira interface.

For example

Base endpoint/connection definition, to refactor and insert Sentry/Raven

Event loop that get’s memory/cpu usage with time stamps and reports back to

Kadira/send prototypes

Technically if you run Kadira in your app, and just change the Kadira
models to point to a Raven client(sentry), Sentry would receive the bulk of
data, the same as Kadira. Obviously it wouldn’t parse much of it, and it is
a lot of work no doubt, but you would still get the raw data and could
configure a few interfaces or hook to a charting software

The client isn’t overly complex and it’s written well. It is what is doing
a bulk of the work regarding tracking the Meteor specific pub/sub/methods


It’s noteworthy that @arunoda is living us in limbo this long about not only Kadira, but also Mantra.

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I would like to share that even though it’s inconvenient, my feeling is that @arunoda doesn’t owe anyone anything, and I still very much appreciate his contributions. That said, when offering a commercial service it is important to handle the communication properly for those that rely on the service (paying clients etc). But it’s a tough call, this is a hybrid open source type offering, and it seems that the people who contribute the most, also get the most negative feedback. Such is life, I appreciate you MDG (@sashko) and @arunoda.


Although I don’t use Kadira myself, the fact @arunoda has left everyone in the dark about what’s going on really stinks in my opinion. Of course he’s provided a lot to the Meteor community, but Kadira is a paid service and he should treat it as such.

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We haven’t decided anything yet.

Of course, there’ll be a huge change coming. But that doesn’t mean we are killing the opportunity to monitor Meteor apps.

So, if you are using Kadira to monitor Meteor apps, you’ll be able to use Kadira (or something similar) as long as you want.

If you guys needs some specific information, just drop me a message at arunoda@kadira.io

Currently, I’m not monitoring this forum regularly. If you need something from me, just drop me an email.


Thanks for giving everyone an update. I think a lot of people here needed a response from you!

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@arunoda, I emailed you a few days ago, and would greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks in advance!

Please use the appropriate channels @arunoda has mentioned for news about Kadira. If you’d like to discuss alternatives for Meteor monitoring, please open a new thread on that topic that isn’t focused on speculation.