Will kadira be shutting down?

I didn’t see this in the post by @arunoda . Any plans?


bump because this was the most important question in @arunoda’s “goodbye” thread that he didn’t address

Will do a post (very) soon for sure.


awesome, thank you. looking forward to it

cool thanks.


I hope they won’t take it down. It’s really helpful.


Sorry to bug you but would be great to know your plans here @arunoda . Kadira is awesome. I’d hope you’d try to sell it to somebody (MDG?) rather than just shut it down - if that is your intention - which I hope it’s not :slight_smile:


Was the source code public? I saw someone using a modified copy of their source, not sure as I don’t use it.

A quick look at their github makes me think a lot of it is but I’m sure there must be some magic that’s proprietary.

One thing to expect for sure is that if Kadira is staying open there won’t be a free option. It always surprises me how much people have grown accustomed to free software!


True, but I feel the jump from $0/mo to $50/mo is too drastic. I hope if that if the free tier is eliminated, a lower priced plan in the $20/mo range is introduced for pre-revenue startups.


Good point. Hopefully that will be do-able with costs. Typically the paid tier subsidizes the free tier so without the free one, any accounts are just profit.

even $20/month is a little up there for the lowest tier. I sometimes have one app for local, dev and production versions of the app… I could see shelling out $5 each but I’d look elsewhere if it was $60/month (as a pre-revenue app)

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I think the larger issue is that the application can’t make enough money to be sustainable. A brick and morter business will spend tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to get running. Paying $5 for detailed information on your system is undervalued and likely not profitable on Kadira’s part. You also don’t really need one account for dev/staging… prod is the main one.

Just my opinion!


IMO the no-brainer bottom tier price would be $15/mo. Affordable for everyone, and literally the same feature set as the free tier right now. As someone who uses Kadira’s free tier currently (I could never justify $50/mo for it to be honest), I would have no complaints if they had to ditch the free plan and make it a $15/mo paid plan instead. Many free users would stop using it, of course, but I’m guessing that group would consist mostly of hobbyists.

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Any word on this? I love Kadira and I don’t like the feeling of being in limbo

so kadira is the only option?

We use sentry.io, I feel it’s better.
You can also send interaction type logs, custom events, benchmark/performance data as you need, not just error data. Obviously there are some automatic performance data that kadira provides for you, but some of those items can be re-implemented in Sentry if needed.

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Isn’t comparing sentro.io to Kadira kind of apples vs oranges? Kadira has a sense of Meteor-specific constructs such as publications and methods, and their performance. I don’t think any other service offers that.

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ok so what other meteor specific monitoring tools are they?