Will Meteor apps still get accepted in Apple App Store?

Hi All,

This just came to my attention and it is one of the top stories on Hacker News: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/73640 . Apparently Apple has stopped accepting apps that have hot code push. Has anyone encountered this issue yet? How is meteor core reacting to this issue if it is one? What are people gonna do moving forward?

Looking forward to hearing from you all

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Thanks, Just read it. Keeping fingers crossed

Unfortunately it really makes sense. I was always amazed that Apple accepted this loophole.

Hot code push can make an accepted app become malicious instantly (example; a kids game turning into a porn app), totally screwing the end user.

If I were Apple I would never accept hot code push based apps.

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So… a flag that turns on/off hot code push for Meteor apps?

I’m going to close this thread in favor of the other one about the same topic. TL;DR there is nothing to worry about for Meteor, the article is about something totally different and it’s unfortunate it has a title that will confuse developers everywhere.