Will meteor drop eager loading support in the future?

Will meteor drop eager loading support in the future ?

Will meteor drop meteor’s own package system ?

Will meteor drop blaze ?

Will meteor becomes another express ?

i can’t find those principles on old docs.

if import this require that is for make big app ?

what about micro service ? ddp connect ?

why should i import everything before i use ?

i can see people even write a small component use 5 files, then each file has fancy import don’t know coming from where with two or 3 lines pretty cool ?

blaze with hot code replacement like change code in css file

blaze combine viewmodel

let blaze user can write small component in one file

reactive graphql


About eager loading:

We expect a future release of Meteor will turn on modules by default for
all code, because this is more aligned with how developers in the wider
JavaScript community write their code.

Blaze and package system will not be dropped, but likely made in to their own NPM packages.

To be honest, you lost me a bit after that…


Yeah, this thread is bordering on spam, please put in a little more effort into your posts.


yes i used to spam meteor to everyone from 0.3.3

I think what Sashko meant is that it is difficult to understand what you really mean with your questions, so we don’t really know what to answer. If you gave more context and wrote a more coherent post, I’m sure people would be very happy to start a conversation about these questions here.