Will there be an Accounts System with Apollo?

Will there be accounts baked into Apollo’s npm package or will it be setup in a way that the community can create an account-package similar to the current account system?

Or will MDG point people towards things like AWS cognito and auth0?

I personally think there is an auth0-like business for MDG to add to Apollo but it sounded like they had no interest in it.

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Definitely have no interest competing with an established accounts as a service provider.

Right now our examples use basic stuff like passport.js, and it’s fine for certain cases. Eventually it would be great to have more built-in accounts functionality.

Specifically we want to have some concrete examples of how to use cookies, JWT, Meteor Accounts, etc in the short term, and in the longer term perhaps a more full-featured port of a Meteor-like integrated system.


@a.com Why not just use Auth0? I don’t see the need for an Apollo-specific implementation of authentication-as-a-service.