Win Meteor Bootstrap Package Issue

I installed Win Meteor and have an issue installing the BootStrap. It won’t install for some reason? It says “no such package”. I’m using the “Discover Meteor” book.

I add this package for bootstrap
meteor add mizzao:bootstrap-3

This should work.

That wouldn’t work either.

Is your Meteor for windows the official version from

Yes. I was able to load but not meteor add twbs:bootstrap

I use twbs:bootstrap under Windows without any problem.

Maybe you should try a clean reinstall? Try the following:

  1. Uninstall Meteor with the Windows Control Panel
  2. Run %LOCALAPPDATA% and delete any .meteor folder
  3. Reinstall Meteor
  4. Create a brand new app with meteor create myApp
  5. Run meteor add twbs:bootstrap

I deleted an old version of Meteor I had on my PC. I’ll also reinstall a new Meteor to see if that helps. I was able to load up the twbs:bootstrap. Thx!