Win10 'meteor create' fails to create directory and files

After successfully installing Meteor via the installer I’m trying to create a project with meteor create app and get Created a new Meteor app in 'app', but the directory fails to be created. There is no error whatsoever and I don’t know how to even start debugging this.

What I tried without success:

  • running shell as admin
  • reinstalling Meteor
  • updating Node (?)

Any help will be appreciated.

You should run

       meteor update

Didn’t help:
The latest version of Meteor,, is already installed on this computer.

@muon i actually had a similar problem this morning, but it was solved after i run meteor update within one of my meteor projects itself. If you have a meteor project on your computer, go into it and run

     meteor update

when it updates, the problem will hopefully be solved

Found the issue, Comodo antivirus was sandboxing the created files, duh. Sorry for wasting your time.

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