not working on android in Meteor 1.10.2

Hi guys,

I am running the latest Meteor release for building my app. I am trying to integrate Truecaller mobile verification given here -

I am using

let req_nonce = Math.floor(100000000 + Math.random() * 900000000);'intent://truesdk/web_verify?requestNonce=' + req_nonce + '&partnerKey=<mykey>&partnerName=HouseBook&lang=en&title=verify&skipOption=skip#Intent;scheme=truecallersdk;end', '_system');

to open the truecaller pop-up window for verification.

When I am running this on my mobile browser on my phone it is working fine, I am able to complete the verification flow. But when I am running it on an android device it doesn’t open.

I have also installed cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@3.2.0 after reading some post to enable in app browser but no success.

I have below setting in my mobile-config (kept all allow for testing)

App.accessRule('*', { type: 'navigation' });
App.accessRule('*', { type: 'intent' });

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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My bad realised. I had mixed up mobile web url with android intent url. It is working now after correcting

'intent://truesdk/web_verify?requestNonce=' + req_nonce + '&partnerKey=<mykey>&partnerName=HouseBook&lang=en&title=verify&skipOption=skip#Intent;scheme=truecallersdk;end'


'truecallersdk://truesdk/web_verify?requestNonce=' + req_nonce + '&partnerKey=<mykey>&partnerName=HouseBook&lang=en&title=verify&skipOption=skip'

and you don’t need cordova-plugin-inappbrowser seperately. Just do

let req_nonce = Math.floor(100000000 + Math.random() * 900000000); 
window.location = truecallersdk://truesdk/web_verify?requestNonce=' + req_nonce + '&partnerKey=<your key>&partnerName=<your app>&lang=en&title=verify&skipOption=skip

and it works.