Window Scroll to hide address bar


Hey guys, I’m trying to hide the address bar on mobile devices by scrolling to the top of the page. This is like 2011 web beginner type stuff I know, but it’s actually not working even if I wrap it in a window.load.

Template.MasterLayout.created = function () {
	$(function() {
	    function orientationChange(e) {
	    var wH = $(window).outerHeight();
	    $("body").css({ height: "+=" + wH }).scrollTop(1);
	    $(window).bind("orientationchange", orientationChange);

What am I not getting here? This should be super simple, right? … Right?


I don’t think you don’t want to do that activity when the template is created, but rather rendered. (onRendered, not onCreated)

It probably isn’t working because .created isn’t the right hook anyway, its .onCreated -