Windows 10 Console Logging Issue

I know this has been reported before (CMD on Win10 going away) however I am a bit stuck as to how to proceed. I have an existing app running Meteor 1.3 that I cannot update to a later version because I need an account melding package that does not work past 1.3 (and seems to not be maintained any longer based on the repo).

Due to the bug linked above, I cannot troubleshoot this on my Windows 10 PC because the cmd window displays nothing useful. In that link above, it is recommended to try cmder, which I did, and has the same issue. I would be fine for now if I could just redirect all output to a file, however I also don’t see if I can do that.

Is there a way I can work on my app on my PC and get useable logging or am I SOL?

You could edit the console.js tool with @rhywden’s patch for PowerShell: