Windows 10 universal build meteor APP


We are a team that have a adaptiv web/app project, but have not found the right framework for it.

We have been testing Meteor the last 3 days and its looks almost perfect.

My question is? is it possible to use a meteor project to build a Windows 10 universal app?

If yes do anyone have a guide og article about it.

Our primary customer platforms will be Android and Windows universal app because they have the biggeste marked share (mobile + tablet Android/chromeOS and PC,laptop and 2-1 Windows), but we will also have a web and ios version

I have been searching for info but still no luck, only that I can do a webview app with Visual studio from the www app

There’s also this:

That gives you access to the WinJS toolset.

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No news about Meteor adding Windows platform so I can write “meteor build Windows”

95% of my customers are using Windows (hybrids, tablets,phone) and Android units

Electron is your principal option

With electrify is too easy to build Windows .exe app in two commands

Electrometeor is another alternative

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This. There’s no other real alternatives. I used Electron myself and it worked very well.

Will electrify work like when I build an Android app?

I have a customer who need to view a page with pdf files on there Windows laptop when the sales guyes are visiting customers with no internet. But they (Secretary) need a admin part where they can add new pdf files and text from another Windows PC, so when the sales guyes are coming home to the office and getting wifi there meteor page/app will resync and have the new pdf files and text.

is that posible with meteor electrify? or shall I use a other solution?

Any news about Meteorjs deploy to Windows 10 apps for the Windows store? i’m soon ready with my Meteorjs app and my to platforms are Windows and Android/chromeOS so I need a way to get my Meteor app in the Windows store for Desktop and tablets and phones if Windows will get a bigger market share :slight_smile: