Windows 7 x86 command meteor not runnig


Hi, im from Argentina so if any speak spanish plis, helpme on my language! :stuck_out_tongue:

Im just getting started on this platform and i have reeding the tutorial in spanish, i already intalled meteor and i can run in CMD, but when i create the app “meteor create xxxx” i can go into de folder xxxx “cd xxxx” but when i put the second line “meteor” is not recognized from W7.

Im reading other post whit the same problem and all are talking for some PATH, but i dont understend. Anybody can helpme and say to me exactly what i need to do?


In spanish.


"meteor" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo,
programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable.

Que tengo que hacer? que path tengo que modificar para que funcione? soy muy pt y queria empezar desde cero pero ni siquiera empece xD



You might want to close and reopen your command window.


Tanks minigsam!!! i use your link to add my path! :relaxed:

So… for the newbies like me i did a little guide in drive for all, but in spanish.

How to PATH Meteor in W7