Windows for Meteor: Getting Started Guide


I have many friend who used to work with the .NET stack. So, I wanted them to try out Meteor. So, asking them to download Meteor and follow that was not enough.

So, I created this blog post.

Meteor for Windows: Getting Started Guide

In the above blog post, I introduce some of the basic Command Prompt stuff and introduce Text Editors and so on. May be this might help you to introduce Meteor to your friends who loves to(or used to) develop on Windows.


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I come from the same world so just throwing my two cents in. I found using powershell ( or git shell that installs via the github client) seems to work better. Also, WebStorm as a IDE might be a little easier of a transition than a plain text editor. It has a familiar workflow and full support for meteor.

Now if the minds behind iron-cli could figure out some of their bugs I would be happy! :slight_smile:

Yeah! I’d love to add WebStrom to the list. But I heard it still does not support Meteor on Windows.

I didn’t tried that. Have you tried in on Windows?

You know… ever since I moved to iron-cli, I stopped running meteor inside of webstorm… and for some odd reason have not had to debug on windows in a while. I will check that out tonight!

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Hey, great post! I would agree that it would be great to add some better terminals, such as powershell, and also better terminal emulators like cmder and conemu - command prompt can be a struggle because it doesn’t have copy-paste, tabs, etc.

I’ll definitely direct any of my friends on windows to this article.


Yes it is. That’s a good idea to add other terminals.
Will do it.