Windows Installation is a JOKE!

Been trying to install meteor on Windows for 6 months, what a joke!

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Sorry to hear that. But 6 months without even a single technical question on this form? You didn’t even post the technical issues you’re facing, I think it’s better attitude to ask for support before bashing open source products.

Frankly, I think posts like this are not helpful and better ignored.


Rethinking my case, I don’t know but I guess maybe it’s because of incomplete window updates.
Meteor is not a trivial module, there must be some important branch points during installation.
I wonder how many are suffered in Windows environment. (rare or quite a few)

what are the problems you are having? i’ve installed meteor on 5 different windows PCs now (2xW10, 2xW8.1 and 1xW7) and it was a breeze every single time.

That’s good. In my case, it was “Unexpected mongo exit code 100. Restarting.” I googled it and found many same cases.

Attempting to install on Windows 10 Pro (running as Administrator), first of all the login procedure is unable to contact the server and then once the setup says the installation completed successfully, no trace of Meteor exists on the machine. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

The login procedure is entirely optional, so you should be fine.

Have you tried opening a command prompt and typing meteor?

I run on a windows box, no issues. Easy as pie installation of Meteor multiple times in the last year, on all platforms.

Your pc is broke man.

I have tried four PCs so far, W7Pro, W8Pro W10 Pro, W10Home, all getting the same result. Beats me!

No way, I use windows 8 and no problems at all with meteor.

Yes it’s interesting. Been willing to give Meteor a go for over one year now but I am unable to install it anywhere. Tried every possible known option and searched the web for months. No Go!

Where have you checked to see if it’s installed?

The only way I could get Meteor to work on Win 10 was to clone the github and app paths manually.

For anyone on Win 10, I highly recommend using the built in Ubuntu on Windows 10 subsystem. You get all the power of real Linux and all the cmds will work, and you can use all the Windows GUI tools with full interaction.

GREAT advice, thank you very much!

I checked in the directory where meteor is meant to me installed, i.e. users/appdata//.meteor, i think it is, as specified in the documentation. Yet, it does not exist, nor does Windows resolve any result having done a search for any of the proposed installation files. Four machines, all the same result. I keep trying new machines whenever I can get my hands on one. Same every time!

I’am actually glad you’ve returned. My first reaction was an emotional one in the same form as your first frustrated topic starter. In the end I decided not to react, because besides the non constructive part I would simply ask “how do you expect us to help you without any reproducible steps?”.

My point is that any developer gets frustrated at some point with any tool. The trick is to stay calm and reach put for its community. Give them some pointers like when, where and how. And my friend, you are at one of the best places, because Meteor’s community consists out of some great people that are eager to help you out!

On the Windows topic. On my laptop the windows installer gets stuck occasionally. And it usually turns out to be a permissions issue. My Steam installer has this aswell. It gets stuck because its not able to update certain folders in my AppData folder even though I’m an admin…

What works for me for both Meteor and Steam is to fix permissions during safe boot. If that doesn’t work, try installing it in safe mode. (Dunno if thats possible. Never tried that)

Maybe for MDG its a good idea to place some user feedback to the installer instructing the user that the install failed, even when the issue is unknown. Maybe even with an option to send a bug report with a stack trace to the community.


I’ve never run the installer as Administrator. On Windows 10, if elevated permissions are needed, you’ll be prompted.

As @coagmano says, login is optional. However, an inability to contact the server maybe points to some other issue here, perhaps Windows firewall, or a proxy server in the way?

I’m hoping you’ve deliberately shortened that :wink:! The directory will be of the form C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\.meteor

Another thing to check: you should have an entry in your PATH for that directory path. May be worth checking, as it will prevent the meteor executable from running if it’s missing.

I’ve installed Meteor without issue on Windows 7 and Windows 10. Also, on WLS, as @dirkgently has suggested. That may be worth trying if you continue to have problems, especially as theWindows build is currently restricted to 32bit (I believe this is likely to change).


Just to add - Meteor 1.6 is going to be a large leap forward for Windows users. Not only will 1.6 introduce full 64-bit Meteor support for Windows users, but it’s also bringing in a new Windows based installation process using The new installation process is MUCH better! :tada:


Anything chocolate related gets my vote.


Maybe worth backing up a bit…

Can you describe your steps “exactly”?

I assume you downloaded and ran the windows installer here:

Then what happened, exactly? Maybe a screenshot showing what you did and saw? For me the login procedure has worked since day one without any issues that I remember.

Note: some confusion can happen later when installing as admin. Can you try installing as a user? You may need admin permissions at some point, only enter when asked.

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