Windows installation of Meteor

Hello everyone,

I post this to get some attention about the new process to install on Windows: Chocolatey.
Regardless of what MDG says, I believe this is very impractical to use Chocolatey.

The previous installer was perfect, straightforward, this is just how we install stuff on Windows.

Now for a newcomer to install Meteor, they must first install chocolatey, get around with PATH variables (and I can tell you there’s a lot of overhead, not even speaking about all the critical errors that could happen in the process)

For your information, the Installer still works , so I suggest to put it back in the Install page so that Windows meteor users can have the choice.

Meteor had a true focus on simplicity. This goes wrong direction.

I think that’s a reasonable thing. There were/are issues with the standard installer, but for many “traditional” Windows users, it was a more familiar approach.

Here, I have to disagree. In order to get repeatable, automated builds of code, without error-prone human beings, requires a devops approach, which basically ensures all aspects of the final app, including the provisioning and configuration of the infrastructure, to be defined and managed in code. With PowerShell, Windows users have an important part of the tooling to do this - but point-and-click installers are not part of that.

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I have nothing against adding a choco installer for devops. The wrong direction is to remove the choice for something like that, because many Windows user use a graphical interface to install programs (not a command line)

Anyway I believe Windows is more for localhost / testing / developing.

DevOps are usually done on Docker / Linux