[windows] meteor cant connect to Mongo anymore since 1.7

Hey Forum,

I am having an odd problem I cant figure out.

Since I updated to meteor 1.7 my app can’t connect to Mongo anymore. If I create a new app with meteor create it can connect. As soon as I copy my code into the new app’s folder it can’t connect anymore. I make sure of only copy and pasting my code, no NPM modules, then re-install all modules with meteor npm install

here is my pre 1.7 package.json

  "name": "things",
  "private": true,
  "scripts": {
    "start": "meteor --settings settings.json"
  "dependencies": {
    "@babel/runtime": "^7.0.0-beta.44",
    "babel-runtime": "^6.26.0",
    "bcrypt": "^1.0.3",
    "bootstrap": "^4.1.0",
    "jquery": "^3.3.1",
    "meteor-node-stubs": "^0.3.2",
    "popper.js": "^1.14.3",
    "simpl-schema": "^1.3.0"

settings.json only has an embedly key… nothing else.

Obviously this means there is something in my code… but I never assigned another port or something fancy. So I ripped out NPM modules I am using one after another to see whether the error is there but still no luck.I am quite stuck!

20180709-02:19:05.411(1)? (STDERR) C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\meteor-tool\1.7.0_3\mt-os.windows.x86_64\dev_bundle\server-lib\node_modules\fibers\future.js:313
W20180709-02:19:05.413(1)? (STDERR)                                             throw(ex);
W20180709-02:19:05.414(1)? (STDERR)                                             ^
W20180709-02:19:05.415(1)? (STDERR) MongoNetworkError: failed to connect to server [localhost:3001] on first connect [MongoNetworkError: connect ECONNREFUSED]
W20180709-02:19:05.415(1)? (STDERR)     at Pool.<anonymous> (C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\npm-mongo\3.0.7\npm\node_modules\mongodb-core\lib\topologies\server.js:505:11)
W20180709-02:19:05.418(1)? (STDERR)     at emitOne (events.js:116:13)
W20180709-02:19:05.418(1)? (STDERR)     at Pool.emit (events.js:211:7)
W20180709-02:19:05.419(1)? (STDERR)     at Connection.<anonymous> (C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\npm-mongo\3.0.7\npm\node_modules\mongodb-core\lib\connection\pool.js:329:12)
W20180709-02:19:05.420(1)? (STDERR)     at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:317:30)
W20180709-02:19:05.423(1)? (STDERR)     at emitTwo (events.js:126:13)
W20180709-02:19:05.424(1)? (STDERR)     at Connection.emit (events.js:214:7)
W20180709-02:19:05.425(1)? (STDERR)     at Socket.<anonymous> (C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\npm-mongo\3.0.7\npm\node_modules\mongodb-core\lib\connection\connection.js:245:50)
W20180709-02:19:05.425(1)? (STDERR)     at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:315:30)
W20180709-02:19:05.426(1)? (STDERR)     at emitOne (events.js:116:13)
W20180709-02:19:05.426(1)? (STDERR)     at Socket.emit (events.js:211:7)
W20180709-02:19:05.427(1)? (STDERR)     at emitErrorNT (internal/streams/destroy.js:64:8)
W20180709-02:19:05.428(1)? (STDERR)     at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:138:11)
W20180709-02:19:05.428(1)? (STDERR)     at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:218:9)
=> Exited with code: 1