Windows version does not run after install

I downloaded and installed your new windows installer on a win 7 64 bit system and it has some problem.

It gives no indication of where its installing Meteor, after installation when I enter “meteor” on the command line it says its an unknown command, and I cannot find where it put it to try and add a path to the application.

Where does it put that app and how do you run it under windows?

I found a .meteor folder under <Your User folder>/AppData/Local/.meteor.

Same issue here. The installer ran successfully and meteor is visible in programs and features. But I can not find where it is installed. I am using windows 7 x64.

Meteor is accessible from command line after rebooting the machine. The installation happened in /AppData/Local/.meteor folder which is strange choice.

this link works:

the installer on the main age seems to be version 1.0, while this is 1.1

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I also found the installation in the non-windows compliant location. The root directory name is hardcoded to .meteor - looks like people without any windows knowledge have programmed this. Not convincing. I removed meteor from my system and will wait until it is useable under windows

I have installed Meteor re started the computer and it wont show up anywhere, I ran the command meteor and a small black window shows up for about 2 seconds and disappears, removed and installed again with the same results. This seen to be an issue with Meteor and Windows 7.