With "Hot Code Push," should the browser reload on blaze template change?


I cloned the simple-todo app and ran it (linux, meteor 1.2). When I change the CSS, the app updates without refreshing. When I change the html blaze template, it updates with refreshing (e.g. I can see the spinner on the browser tab in Chrome).

Should I be able to update the template without the browser refreshing?


No what you see is normal behavior.


Is there any package which makes not refreshing for template changes, but just rerender DOM?


Not sure if that would even be possible to build because of the complexity. It would change the page at a random moment at a random time with a random change. Lot of things can go wrong there.

The css is relatively easy in that sense, it’s just a replace of all css. Browsers handle that without issues.

For the JavaScript or templates it seems almost impossible or you should program very defensive and changes should have migration paths. Seems not doable.