With newer versions releases some existing plugins are not working unless they modified


With newer versions releases some existing plugins are not working unless they modified. How can we trust meteor with our applications will work if plugins no longer supportable? Like Streams are almost deprecated. How could meteor maintains it’s trustability ?


The “plugins” you speak of seem to be third party in nature and are in no way a representation of Meteor’s trustability as a platform… This would be like writing an application for linux and questioning the OS when updates to GTK break your application.


What about packages downloading from AtmosphereJS?
All those aren’t meteor’s Meteor’s plugins right?
Then i shouldn’t go for Third party’s tools?

Thank you for your reply @copleykj


Any package you find on atmosphere that is namespaced such as aldeed:simple-schema, alanning:roles, or lepozepo:streams are all third party packages created by devs in the community. The deprecation and/or abandonment of these packages isn’t the fault of meteor and is an unfortunate common occurrence in the world of FOSS.


Yes, I understood.
Actually I am new to Meteor, may be immaturely asked the question…:slight_smile:
If you know, can you suggest any Video and Audio chat Plugin.


Sorry, I can’t say that I know of a decent package for video/audio chat… Since NPM is an option now, you might start there.


@sandeepmeenuga try web RTC


Tried @kaiyes ,

-> While using this tool getting errors, this guy is not responding.

-> This plugin isn’t working, due to some stream issues.

So, I got stucked while using WebRTC.

-> this one is trying, but he prepared it for Chat only, trying to extend to video and Audio chat.

Any suggestions would be helpful for me.