WkWebView error unwinding hot code push


We’re seeing the error below on iOS 11 and 12. The effect is that it reloads the page undoing any hot code push by resetting back to the latest Cordova build.

[ProcessSuspension] 0x28330ee00 - ProcessAssertion() Unable to acquire assertion for process with PID 0

This bug is showing for others outside Meteor – on StackOverflow and for Ionic users here and here.

Anyone else seeing this? Come up with a workaround? HCP is a defining feature of Meteor and a godsend when trying to quickly patch an issue (as we can circumvent general distribution lag time and especially Apple’s days-long review process).


Do you think it is outside the existing PR’s?


Thanks @rjdavid – I was in a rush and should’ve checked Github issues. Yes, they do solve our problem. I look forward to those PRs being in v1.8.1.

FWIW – we declare version and build numbers in our code. We compare the client’s with a call for the server’s on boot of the mobile app. We’ve been doing this as a way to request upgrades for users who don’t have their apps set to automatically update. We found a window.reload works around the above bug and gets to where we should be – hence we’re now using a similar technique to stay on the hot-loaded page.


Nice idea. Will check it out