Wordpress integration?

Hey all, anyone know of an integration to Wordpress? I actually want to use THAT platform to manage my users.

Why? I have a WooCommerce store which is a really great and solid e-comm platform with all sorts of plugins that I don’t have time to write.

I’d rather periodically scan for a users subscription data and login stuff rather than write all the e-comm inside of Meteor.


NPM has a few pckages:

This one doesn’t mention users though:

This one does:

Hope that helps.

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Hey thanks! I did find one that I’m testing now:

The big thing is you gota get an o’auth server running on Wordpress. Testing now!

I was able to get this package to work! I had to do some updates to it, but it TOTALLY WORKS.


I’m over at https://StarLordsOnline.com btw if anyone is curious to see a Meteor MMO space game.