Wordpress Page as Meteor App

Hi Guys,

I have an existing website on Wordpress (check www.mumbairunners.com). I want my Meteor App which I created using TelescopeApp to be embedded as a page to my existing site.

How can I deploy / make this happen?

Please note that the hosting of existing website is not on WordPress but with another third party.

Please help.


Tushar Motwani

What about an iframe?

Rob - Are you suggesting to use iFrame plugin with Wordpress to make this happen? Can i create a link called mumbairunners.meteor.com and use iframe then with wordpress with this link?
What do you think

Wordpress Core (in the near future) will allow your site to be served up as a REST API. In the meantime, there is a plugin (documentation here- http://wp-api.org) that can do this for you now. I’ve experimented with it very little but it was really easy to get page/post content to display in a meteor app. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll try my best to answer them.

Guys i have a similar question. How about if I have to have a website with two separate versions: mobile and desktop.
The mobile one will be represented by a simple meteor app that will allow the user to log in/sign in, pay a anual subscription via paypal and receive push notifications via 3rd party service life pushwhosh or pushpad.
The desktop one will be represented by a wordpress site. I want it to be just an about page, presenting a organisation.
What do you consider to be the best solution?