Workaround the android virtual keyboard pushing up the webview

hi guys i noticed on my app recently that when i focus in an input textbox the android wirtual keyboard shows up and push the webview away…or sometimes it just overlays it so i cant see what i am typing in…note that i am not using any ionic or cordova framework just plain react/css…As a workaround i decided to try implementing something like the search in the meteor package website :Atmosphere.So that when an input is focused,it automatically shows the popup so that the virtual keyboard is always below the written input…Anyways guys if you know a solution to this problem please let me know…the app is meant to be used as a kiosk app so te need of the virtual keyboard is a must…thank you

I’ve got exactly the oposite issue, can’t push the content. This is what I’ve got on my mobile-config.js:

App.setPreference('fullscreen', true);
App.setPreference('android-windowSoftInputMode', 'adjustPan');