I’m creating a new build for a cordova app that I have, and have a workflow I’d like to establish:

  • I have a current version of my app in the app store (v1)
  • I’d like to push a new version of my app to production (v2), so clients can autoupdate it it.
  • Then, I’d like to push out another version (v3) that contains a new cordova plugin.
  • Client autoupdates will be blocked by the new cordova plugings in v3. This is expected. However, if a new user downloads my current app in the app store (v1), I want them to get autoupdated to v2. This currently does not happen because v3 blocks hot code push, so they are stuck on v1.
  • I’d like this in place until v3 of my app gets approved by the app store and made generally available. I then want to continue pushing out new updates (v4, v5, etc.) via hot code push.

It appears that the solution is – however, the documentation is rough and I’m not exactly sure how to account for the above in the deployment process. Any help is appreciated!