Working with ethereum and meteor


Hi guys, ive been reading a lot lately about the blockchain and ethereum trying to wrap my head around those new concepts(to me). I need some advices from the community about how i should integrate them in / with this project i am currently working on.

I am working on a social network app with react-native apollo client and apollo server.Being used to mongodb naturally i chose meteor to be the backend; meteor collections being my first choice. But after coming across ethereum and blockchain, i really think my app needs to leverage some of its features.

How one should go about doing this? Can ethereum work side by side with my current setup? If no how should i go about it?

I’ve read about truffle but i am at loss about integrating ethereum in my app. The graphql server uses queries and mutations linked to meteor.users collection…

Any insights would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you


There are a number of packages on Atmosphere that deal with ethereum.

Have a look at some of those - should help to get you started.


Thank you for pointing that out i’ll definitely check them out.