Working with Restivus API on nested attributes

So, I’m trying to show how Restivus API works and Meteor is nice to my colleagues. :smile:

I’ve made a simple blog app at (thanks to DiscoverMeteor book).
My repo

(I’m reading

I have three collections:

  1. users
  2. posts

So, post has many comments. Usually, we used to have comments as a nested documents inside of a post, but from the Meteor’s nature these two attributes are split up into different collections.

I want to implement a REST API, so that I can access (including CRUD operations) posts and collections in the way: - all posts - a specific post - all comments that belongs to a given post - a specific comment that belongs to a given post

If you have a look at my repo, you will see there’re posts.js and comments.js under lib/collections.

As I understood, to enable REST API, I will need the following snippet in the posts.js:

if (Meteor.isServer) {

    // Global API configuration
    var Api = new Restivus({
        useDefaultAuth: true,
        prettyJson: true

    // Generates: GET, POST on /api/post and GET, PUT, DELETE on
    // /api/items/:id for the Posts collection

    // Generates: POST on /api/users and GET, DELETE /api/users/:id for
    // Meteor.users collection
    Api.addCollection(Meteor.users, {
        excludedEndpoints: ['getAll', 'put'],
        routeOptions: {
            authRequired: true
        endpoints: {
            post: {
                authRequired: false
            delete: {
                roleRequired: 'admin'

As you see, I’ve added Api.addCollection(Posts); and I’ve confirmed I can access all posts or a specific one.

My questions:

1- How can I setup API to access comments for their parent post?

2 - Will I have to have to following code to access posts ? I’m asking because, I’m already able to access them as I have Api.addCollection(Posts); :

Maps to: /api/posts/:id
    Api.addRoute('posts/:id', {authRequired: true}, {
        get: function () {
            return Posts.findOne(;
        delete: {
            roleRequired: ['author', 'admin'],
            action: function () {
                if (Articles.remove( {
                    return {status: 'success', data: {message: 'Post removed'}};
                return {
                    statusCode: 404,
                    body: {status: 'fail', message: 'Post not found'}

I apologise, I got confused myself trying to figure out the correct way of making a REST API.

Please feel free to add anything important on this regard I have missed here.

Please see the continued discussion here:

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Thanks, it was me there. :wink:

I know. :smile: I was just leaving that there for the rest of the world :globe_with_meridians:

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Just noticed, I’m using same usernames here and in github :smile:

Sorry for the off-topic, my understanding is Restivus works only with Mongo, correct?

The collection support, yes. But you could always use custom routes and work with SQL there. It would also be pretty easy for someone (not myself because I’m way too busy) to build an add-on package with this functionality. I’m going to split out the collection support into a separate package in v0.9, so eventually folks will have an example of the pattern for extending Restivus.

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