Wrap content in id for fadein


How do I wrap content in a div with an id or class and have templates load into that div?

Looking for a way to fadeIn content. With a wrapper I can use that in an onBeforeAction and onAfterAction.


here are some animation practices http://www.webtempest.com/meteorjs-animation


Thanks. Forget the animation for a moment. How do I wrap everything in a div that all templates are loaded in, besides body? Is that done by _uihooks or is there a more direct way?


well, I remember some magic using Inject package to move loading JS at the end of body instead of header.
Or I have been assigning classes to <body> with that Inject rawhtml function.
So by combining it to replace body with body + dv and closing div at the end of body, it could work probably too.
I am not changing layouts so much, so I can have it in layout itselt. Not templates but layout :smiley:
Good luck


Learned about layouts in iron router. That did the trick. Now I can have part of the content load in a specified div and use fadeIn on that for each page.