Wrapping Bootstrap Components in React

I may be asking something that’s already been answered, but a search doesn’t show me anything I can use. Here’s the question: I want to wrap things like Bootstrap buttons and forms (or I’d like some package that does a snazzy job of it). I’m just not certain how to do it. All the sample code seems several years out of date or incomplete.

Any pointers to code that do something like this would be most appreciated. What I’d like is (air code):

<ButtonSmall onClick="addNew">Add new</ButtonSmall>

<ButtonSmall onClick="cancel">Give up</ButtonSmall>

Same for forms and a few other things Bootstrap related.


Here you go (first hit) http://lmgtfy.com/?q=react+bootstrap


This is clever but not exactly what I asked. I didn’t ask how to use Google. I asked how to wrap things “like Bootstrap”. I also asked for pointers to sample code. And yes, a cute screen video is good for a laugh, but not exactly a problem solver. Not trying to start a battle here, but just sayin’ that there could be a more helpful response than this. Still good for a chuckle.

The video wasn’t all fun and laughs but also had a little pointer in it that said: “Click Here”. Had you clicked it, it would have taken you to the actual google results. The first hit (as I indicated above) is the official react version of bootstrap. All bs elements wrapped in react components. If that isn’t what you are looking for, then I did not understand the question. Here is the direct link https://react-bootstrap.github.io/