Wresteling with Spacebars to use Alpaca forms


in my project I need to be able to create forms on the fly. So I came to Alpaca forms. There is a atmosphere package for that: https://atmospherejs.com/mrt/alpaca but that is a very old version :frowning:

I using the latest version from Alpaca, but that needs handlebarsjs. Of course, Meteor uses spacebarsā€¦ Is there a way to port the dependency easily from one to another? I do not think it is possible to install handlebars as well (even if you would want to do thatā€¦ )

So I am trying to resolve the dependency of handlebars in Alpaca in order to use it with Meteor. Any suggestions? :smile:



Sounds like a nice opportunity for you to write your own atmosphere package and publish it. I just found this online tool for building packages. How hard can it be?

Hi theOther,

thanks for your reply, but I must say it is not really helpfull. I do not know how hard it will be, as Handlebars conflicts with Spacebars. I tried including Handlebars and you get a whole bunch of errors all around.
Doing it myself may or may not be hard - I know that, you donā€™t need to tell me.
What I was wondering is if anybody allready did. In which case, any effort would be wasted. And I hate wasting time, especially my own.

still working on a solution,


makes sense now Paul. apologies for not having read carefully.

thank you for your gratious answer - apologies accepted, of course. Phrasing a question is not easy! I tried again in a new questionā€¦ :wink: