Writing meteor package in typescript

Hi im trying to write meteor package with typescript and I meet many problems. Is there any community package written in ts i could use as guideline? Thx in advance G.P>

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react-meteor-data is written in typescript.

Atmosphere does not support typescript defs though, so you’ll have to generate and distribute your type defs separately, maybe through definitely typed.


try meteor npm i -D @types/meteor

i think meteor not supporting typescript definitions in packages is a huge problem. Reality is unfortunatly that there are still a lot of meteor packages around that are used.

so please upvote this discussion Support for building and distributing Typescript types for Meteor Packages · Discussion #11735 · meteor/meteor · GitHub


It’d be super great if we could simply install atmosphere packages from npm, and deprecate atmosphere altogether. It seems it would be totally possible to do that by extending the package.json with some meteor keys, and have meteor generate internal package stubs from that or something. I wonder if it’ll ever happen.