Writing packages using flow-based programming?

I have recalled seeing NoFlo on kickstarter campaign which makes it interesting to develop javascript using network diagrams. While in the recent comments on AMA with Sashko, the idea struck to me on using Meteor version of flow-based programming for community packages allow rapid development and accept PR quickly without spending too much time on waiting the author to test the bugfix or untested codes.

What your thought on this idea?

I am currently working on a project that uses meteor as an interface for plugging components together just like in NoFlo-UI which basically fire individual node jobs which also use input, config, out and error. This system is used to aggregate data from different online sources like APIs, feeds and scraping.

You could also use meteor packages to do this. We use the DDP protocol for this instead of the FBP protocol. As long as your software can handle the different ports properly there is no reason not to use flow based programming. Just build up a framework that handles the the framework processes to built on top of.