WSL2 And Proxy Errors?

So I’ve been working through some things with @copleykj and his awesome Socialize packages and he pushed a new version, but it seems my local CLI tools can’t fetch the new version as it can’t seem to update the package cataloge?

meteor update
Unable to update package catalog (are you offline?)

If you are using Meteor behind a proxy, set HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables or see this page for more details:

This project is already at Meteor 2.0, the latest release.
Your top-level dependencies are at their latest compatible versions.

I’m developing in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (Ubuntu 20.04). Is this a know issue and is there a way to fix this? I am basically stuck with a package list from a couple of weeks ago I’ve found as I’ve checked other packages that received updates recently, and my CLI can only see prior versions.

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I have solved it. Apparently my Ubuntu’s internal clock had drifted and needed to be forcibly updated to match the hardware clock. Weird issue that is apparently known to WSL2, isn’t obvious, but causes all sorts of weird errors it seems.

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