Www.angular-meteor.com not working on Chrome Version 51.0.2704.36 beta-m


I was doing some parts of the angular-meteor tutorial tro days ago and wanted to do another section today. But today i had just a blank page and some errors in my browser console, when I try to access any page of www.angular-meteor.com:

a4f775c….js:120 Uncaught Error: Handler with name 'i' already exists.i._create @ a4f775c….js:120i.push @ a4f775c….js:120c.route @ a4f775c….js:126(anonymous function) @ a4f775c….js:558r @ a4f775c….js:558(anonymous function) @ a4f775c….js:558c.map @ a4f775c….js:126(anonymous function) @ a4f775c….js:558(anonymous function) @ a4f775c….js:558
a4f775c….js:112 pathFor couldn't find a route named "migration"
a4f775c….js:61 Uncaught Error: No such function: currentApi

When I open the page on Chrome stable, it’s still working as well as in Firefox. On my Chrome beta it’s broken (Chrome Version 51.0.2704.36 beta-m)

I think this might be caused by some update of the angular-meteor.com page or some bug in Chrome beta. I also reported it to Chrome.

I Apologize for posting this here, but I didn’t know a better place to report and I didn’t want to create a bug-report on github because it’s just about the tutorial itself. So if someone could give me a hint where I could find a better place to report, I’d move this there. :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is a problem with iron:router with some of the latest es6 features. (Specifically with iron:middleware-stack)

The owners of the site will need to meteor update iron:middleware-stack and re-deploy.

Some more details here:


Same error here. Works in other browser. @Urigo


I’ve deployed a new version with updated iron:router, can you please check if it works for you now?


@Urigo Thanks a lot for this quick reaction. It’s working again. :grinning: