www.eVrsity.com - new Meteor web application


We just went live with our Meteor developed website. It’s called eVrsity. From the homepage:

eVrsity is a platform for authoring, publishing, selling and purchasing online, dynamicly organizing knoledge bases. An eVrsity knowledge base is simply called a subject. eVrsity is based on a variety of structural characteristics present in all knowledge. Unlike printed material, for example textbooks, eVrsity can use these characteristics to flexibly guide students through subject material.

Please stop by.

Charles Irvine


ok I gave it a try, correct “knoledge bases” first page, “royalities” in terms, “This topic is a memeber” in “Subjects and Topics (fundamental)”…“acquiringing bank” in “Purchase Authorization Process” …
What is the advantage before july’18 for authors if it’s always 75% as stated by terms… I don’t want to receive check but wire transfert or paypal, it’s not said if it’s open to worldwide authors, disagree with #13 (your fault not mine as you check authors content at #3)

I stopped after few topics at 25% for eVrsity and 54% for creditCard : this is boring, awfully displayed as simple text… (I put a screen copy here for others to understand what I meant)

Did you ever look at competition’s tools for authors : teachable, udemy ?
For example, I would expect the ability to build the diagram in “Purchase Authorization Process”… If I answer “True” would to the question “Were you able to build the diagram”, nothing proves I built it correctly…

What is the interest of using meteor to build that except if it’s just an MVP ?
Why did you choose to host that on Galaxy ?

For me, as author, I reject the hope-this-is-only-a MVP, so pivot :wink:


Hi and welcome,

Quick suggestion: link inside the message would be good. Plus, you get to see how many clicks you receive.


Hi Laurent,

I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

The topic typos have been corrected. I’m deploying a new build now that corrects typos on front page and in terms and conditions.

The “75%” number was a typo. It is now corrected to be 85%.

The monthly check part is only temporary. The intent is to have Stripe automatically allocate funds directly to author accounts. I intend to have this working within the month. I’m not familiar with Stripe’s multinational capabilities.

I’ll think about #13. If students want a refund due to dissatisfaction with content, both the author and publisher should be responsible.

The editor is a full wysiwyg editor, so authors can make things as visually appealing as desired. However, due to the intended limited scope of each topic, a lot of formatting might not be necessary. In a text book, for example, a lot of the formatting are organizational clues to the student. With eVrsity, the idea is that the system will dynamically handle subject matter organization based on topic relationships.

I have looked at teachable and udemy. While they are very polished products, they don’t incorporate the fundamental idea of eVrsity, self organizing subject matter based on topic relationships. I think my long range goals are different also.

I used Meteor because it had an appealing learning curve. Hopefully, I will eventually have to worry about Meteor scalability! :slight_smile:

I hosted on Galaxy because it was very easy to do so. I’ll rethink hosting if Galaxy hosting becomes too expensive.

As an author, you might be intrigued by eVrsity’s authoring capabilities. Imagine not having to think about subject matter organization. Just start describing small self contained topics, linking them with regard to precedence and having the system handle topic organization and presentation order.

Thanks, again.

Charles Irvine


The link was in the subject title - www.evrsity.com http://www.evrsity.com/. Is that what you referring to? Thanks


I forgot to say - yes, this is very much an MVP….


I saw that, but if it’s in the text it’s easier to click. No big deal, though


This looks promising. However, I think you should show subjects without needing to

Sign up and login to see list of available subjects.

I, for one, will not do that.

Hmm. I still see typos and grammatical errors. I’m aware that I’m pedantic about such things, but it smacks of a lack of professionalism and makes me wonder if that lack of attention to detail spills over into the code.


I agree - I should show subjects. Guess, I’ll get that implemented.

Regarding typos and grammar, I’ll take a closer look. You only get one chance to make ….

Charles Irvine


Thank you @crirvine, is

a problem worst enough to solve ?
Did you interviewed authors and users of knowledge bases, online courses ? what is painful for them ?
A MVP is the minimum, imho building such platform is not the best way to validate your hypothesis…

As an author, subject matter organization is not a problem ! So I don’t need a tool to “handle topic organization and presentation order”.
As a learner, I did not understand the benefit of the platform : text is boring and outdated, I want to learn with video explanations, graphics, tutorials, doing things not just reading text whatever the order it’s displayed and organized.

Forget writing software for now, get out of the building to interview people.


The eVrsity editor supports graphics, videos, html links, code snippets, full wysiwyg editing, etc.