Xolvio/meteor-cucumber: element in invalid state

hi, I am trying to set a value in an input box but I get the following error:

(InvalidElementState:12) An element command could not be completed because the element is in an invalid state (e.g. attempting to click a disabled element).
Problem: Element is not currently interactable and may not be manipulatede[1;30m

 -> elementIdClear(":wdc:1436796227313")
 -> setValue("#salon_name","Test Salon 123")

according to my step definitions the elements exist and are visible but they are not visible on the screenshot (unable to post screenshot due to being a new user):

this.Then(/^I am at the customer apps settings page$/, function (callback) {
    .waitForExist(".sub-nav", 5000)
    .waitForVisible(".sub-nav", 5000)
    .waitForExist("#salon_name", 5000)
    .waitForVisible("#salon_name", 5000)

The above step still passes, the next step is where we get the error:

this.Then(/^I fill in the salons name$/, function (callback) { 
    .waitForExist("#salon_name", 10000)
    .waitForVisible("#salon_name", 5000)
    .setValue("#salon_name", "Test Salon 123")

The element “#salon_name” can not be set to a value. Why does it not allow me to set it’s value?

I start my meteor project like this in windows:

/k set SELENIUM_BROWSER=chrome
meteor --port 3002 --settings settings.json

Things to check:

  • Is the chrome window too small and the element is not in the viewport?

  • Is there anything covering the element like a transparent overlay?

Based on the screenshots at error, all I can see is my background color without anything being rendered on it.

try going to the mirror directly with your browser