Yearly _day_ Calendar



Calendar to display a Yearly Day View

A configurable yearly calendar (day specific) that would be almost identical to the way iCal represents it … (have included a screenshot below)

Two that come closest have been fullcalendar and the awesome Bootstrap Calendar.

  • fullcalendar may be able to achieve it with a lot of hacking at the custom views; but nothing that is (to my knowledge) maintainable for future versions.
  • Bootstrap implementation focuses on months and tasks there-in; without actually giving you the days that make up the months in the process

Does anyone know of a good control that would allow this?

Many Thanks.

Not quite what you’re after, but it’s an option:

Thanks @mbrookes.

Yes. There’s also this nice react calendar, and also one here jquery-esque.

The latter might be closest to having a functional yearly view. Still need to do some wrangling to it though.

Hence the query to see if anyone knows of something out of the box.