Yet another real-time framework, razorframe

If you’ve used razorframe, what was your experience like? What front end framework did you use with it? What are its merits over meteor?


Sorry I was out yesterday so I wasn’t able to reply, and now that this has been locked down I can’t reply, so I’ll edit.

I just saw this framework posted on the front page of of HN, read about it, and was wondering if others had messed around with it and could compare with Meteor is all. This was NOT meant to be a controversial thread in the slightest. I’m thinking of rewriting a portion of my application, so I’m open to new ideas right now.

I don’t know what all the sensitivity/insecurity is about these days.

Now we can’t mention another framework without getting locked down? What’s to be afraid of @sashko, if you have the best solution and winning ideas?

Is this post on topic for a Meteor forum? I don’t know if talking about “yet another” competitor or framework is helpful to people currently using or learning to use Meteor.


Real-time is cool but for me I like meteor because it puts the pieces together. I don’t have to find a good node boilerplate or cobble together my own. No need to roll your own authentication or learn 0auth. Real-time is a plus but I just like having all the libraries and helpers in place out-of-the-box. I can clone meteor chef’s base and have a prototype in a day.

Really the ONLY downside for me is the build time. It’s really nice using react-native and being able to make 5 code changes in the time you wait for meteor to re-build once. I wish I knew more about the inner workings to provide suggestions instead of whining. But alas all I can hope is they figure out a way to tie meteor’s build into a webpack module or npm package somehow… the build times have gotten better and they’re tolerable given all the other time savings I get. If they could get more competitive build times, I frankly don’t see any reason to leave meteor.

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Mate, I hope you don’t take any offence, but isn’t Reddit (or Hacker News) a better channel for this kind of topic?

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Closed the topic since it has nothing to do with Meteor.

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