You can download the Meteor documentation to see locally?

I wish I could have the documentation available at all times, I would also like to translate into my native language (Spanish) and then upload to the Internet, I really feel comfortable reading the documentation in English but my company is in a learning process and they can’t do the same easily

have you tried Dash? It’s the default & pretty good, although truth be told I uninstalled because I prefer googling, but to each his own!
For translating I’d get in touch with MDG, they probably wouldn’t mind setting up a spanish version as long as you’d be willing to do the initial translation & keep it updated.

I believe the full docs are publicly available in the meteor repo:

As written on meteor’s Github “Slow Start (for developers)” just checkout somwhere the latest dev branch

git clone git://
cd meteor

alternative for stable tag

git clone git:// release/METEOR@
cd meteor

From your checkout, you can read the docs locally. The /docs directory is a
meteor application, so simply change into the /docs directory and launch
the app:

cd docs/

You’ll then be able to read the docs locally in your browser at http://localhost:3000/.

2 Likes is covering Meteor, and has an offline feature (even for mobile)


I just had this same issue as I am about to get on a plane. Devdocs doesn’t look like it is up to date with the docs either so I just downloaded the entire website using the code below.

wget --limit-rate=200k --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -p -E -e robots=off -U mozilla


Update: Meteor docs have been split into a separate repo:

The Meteor Guide as well:

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