You didn't think I'd stop at Mongol and JetSetter, right?

Well done man, thank you so much. Purchased!

@vieko Thank you! Serial number sent :slight_smile:

@cstrat Good thinking on Impersonate, and I will be in touch about the CSS issue in a bit! There may be a CSS framework underneath that may be overwriting one the form field styles.

@msavin thank you, haven’t received it yet :frowning: Is it coming from Gumroad? Haven’t received anything from them either…

@vieko Gotcha - I correlated a new purchase notifications to your post. Given that neither of us got an email from them, I’d bet the purchase may not have went through. Can you check if your card was charged?

It was charged… are you on Gmail as well? Here’s a screenshot:

@vieko I see your order in the dashboard now - very strange that neither of us became notified. Thank you, and serial coming up :smile:

The contact address in your site bounces back:
I’ve bought your toys today but I only got a text file from Gumroad, with a greeting from you.
How do I get the packages?

@alesch Alex - sorry for the delayed delivery, I just sent it out. Also, thanks for alerting me that the email was not working.

@msavin I also have not received the serial number. can you please check that out for me. Thanks.

Hey man - apologies for the inconvenience. I’m still old fashioned about this, and generate the keys by hand. I’ll work on improving this. In the meanwhile, key sent :smile:

Hi, the tool looks promising - so I just purchased it ([NoSpam]

Unfortunately the documentation seems to be VERY WEAK. Especially after buying the license there is NO INFORMATION about how to proceed and get the licensed tool up and running…

Almost unsatisfied…


To install, I think I’m right in saying you need to add it as a meteor package to your project, see the instructions here:

Once you’ve added it press Ctrl+M to get the controls to show and then you can click on the padlock orb in the top left to enter your serial number.

Hi tomRedox,

thanks, this helps.

Now I just have to wait for the serial number to arrive and I can go being happy again :wink:

Warm regards,

Hey man, apologies - this is probably the biggest weakness of the UX right now, each key has to be hand generated. Sending them over now.